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The Regiment Games

We asked on Facebook what events you’d like to see and this was far and away the most popular idea. So here it is. The Regiment Games!

The Regiment Games has 12 testing stations for you to complete in the quickest possible time. You will be in teams of five battling two other Regiment Fitness teams. The teams will set off in intervals of five minutes and battle their way through the stations.

Regiment Fitness instructors will brief you at each station and record a time. After completing all stations your time will be added up and recorded. The Games will take each team one hour to complete from your start time.

You need a team name and a total of 5 members in each team (if anyone drops out, you will need to replace them or compete with only four members).

You must be a Regiment Fitness member to compete in the Games. Non members can NOT compete.

Date: 31st January 2015.
Location: St Albans, Verulamium Park, AL1 2DL.
Times: 12pm til 4pm onwards. Time to be selected on the sign up form.
Cost: FREE to enter for Regiment Fitness members only.
Parking: Parking is FREE for the first 2 hours.
Refreshments: There will be food and drink on sale from the village.
Changing facilities: Toilets, showers and changing rooms available.
The Games: Regiment Fitness will post details and videos of the games you will be completing.

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