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I joined Regiment Fitness in February 2014 to get my fitness back and to get into shape after gaining just over 2 stone. I dropped half a stone almost instantly but then my weight plateaued, I knew my eating habits were all wrong but I was struggling to get disciplined.
I decided to invest in the 12 week Regiment Fitness meal plan, this was the best thing I could have done!!! The plan was easy to read and follow and my nutritionalist took into consideration my work pattern and any foods I disliked. The thing that worked best for me was having to take a before and after photo and send in my weight and measurements each week so my progress could be tracked. I was encouraged to get in touch with my nutritionalist as much or as little as I needed to which was reassuring, each week when I sent in my measurements I would get loads of encouragement and occasionally a kick up the back side!
During the plan I found I never got really hungry as I ate 5 times a day,  ‘cheat meals’ were also planned into it so when I got a craving I would plan it for my cheat meal.
The best bit of advise I can give someone wanting to do the plan is to be organised and pre-prepare your meals as much as possible, think ahead and take snacks out and about with you. You need to be committed and you need to be prepared to miss out on a few things but I can honestly say “no food tastes as good as being fit and slim feels”.
I lost over a stone on the plan and feel amazing, my fitness has soared and I have so much more energy! I still have a little way to go to get back down to my original weight but I have no doubt I will as I plan to continue this lifestyle forever!

Nicola Wheeler


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