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Problem – I work long hours and don’t have time to eat as many healthy meals a day as I should.

Solution - We must adjust and make do with what we have. We all don’t always have access to the right foods that we need to achieve our goals. Therefore cooking food for yourself is key! We always say ‘Cook your Health’ for a reason. If you prepare and take your meals to work, it takes maybe 10 to 15 minutes to eat one of your meals. Its only when you don’t have your meals does it take time. Remember, most ‘normal’ people won’t do this so don’t feel shy about taking your food out and eating during your breaks that employers are supposed to give you. You are what you eat so every meal you miss makes a difference. Once in a while you might miss a meal so don’t let that be the end of the world but get back on track – Regiment style!!!

Always have a healthy snack available. Those people that maintain consistent meals balanced with protein, carbs and fats…Win. Stay away from crazy high or low carb diets.

Nick Cutts

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