Christmas Session Classes & Times

Please see the schedule below for the sessions that are being run over the Christmas Period. All sessions will run as normal before the 23rd Dec and after the 2nd January 2014. Merry Christmas Troops.

Monday 23rd December – Sessions are on as normal.

Tuesday 24th December – Sessions are cancelled.

Wednesday 25th December – Sessions are cancelled.

Thursday 26th December – Sessions are cancelled.

Friday 27th December – Sessions are on as normal(mornings sessions at Berko, St Albans, Luton, Bedford, Watford).

Saturday 28th December – Sessions are on.

Sunday 29th December  – Sessions are on.

Monday 30th December – Morning Sessions only, evening sessions cancelled(please see AM sessions times and locations for Mon).

Tuesday 31st December – Sessions are cancelled.

Wed 1st January – Sessions are cancelled.

Thurs 2nd January – Sessions are on and running as normal, mornings and evening troops, lets make 2014 a great year.

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